7 Walmart Clearance Hacks to Save You Even More

Walmart Clearance Hacks

Walmart Everyday Low prices are great, but these Walmart Clearance Hacks can save you even more! Like our 12 Hobby Lobby Shopping Hacks, these tips can save you big at Walmart.

Walmart Clearance Hacks

Walmart Clearance Hacks

Walmart has some great deals, but did you know that there are ways to save even more? In fact, you can even score some TVs on clearance. Check out these Walmart clearance hacks and start saving today!

Walmart Clearance Toys

Buy Walmart clearance toys when they hit 75% off in December and July. Starting in mid-December and July, Walmart clears out its toy department to make room for new inventory. This is the perfect time to snag clearance toys!

But, what’s more, towards the end of the sale, those toys that were 75% off then become 90% off. The selection may be slim at this time, but you could do some shopping for both clearance times.

Search for Walmart Clearance Online

Don’t forget to check online for clearance deals that may not be in the store. Walmart does a great job of markdowns online, so make sure to browse the website. You can often find Walmart clearance items that are not available in-store.

First, go to Walmart.com. Then, type clearance into the search bar. From there, you can taper down the search by product category, price, etc. I would also recommend going to “retailer” and checking only Walmart so you see only products sold and shipped by Walmart.

Use Brickseek to Find Clearance Items

Brickseek.com is a website that can tell you the clearance price of an item at Walmart, even if the tag doesn’t reflect it. However, keep in mind that not every Walmart is the same, so what may be on clearance at one store may not be at another. Using Brickseek is a great way to score deals on TVs. I would recommend using it in late February to early March for TV deals.

Brickseek is also a great tool to use to find sold-out clearance items at other stores. Simply search the item name or paste its UPC into the Brickseek inventory checker to see if it’s available in other stores on clearance.

Use the Walmart App to Find Hidden Clearance In The Store

Walmart has a clearance section in the app that you can access by going to “Shop By Category.” To get there, click on the three lines on the top left-hand side of the main page. Then, scroll down and click on “Shop By Category.” From there, Walmart has a bunch of different categories. The one we’re interested in is “Clearance.”

Additionally, some clearance items may not be marked. You can use the app, go to services, then store tools, and finally tap it to scan prices with the price-check tool.

Check for Clearance The First of the Month

If you want to be the first to score the clearance deals at Walmart, be sure to head there within the first 5-days of the month. This is when most markdowns happen, and you have the widest selection of clearance items available.

Look for Dented Cans on

The Walmart clearance shelf is often full of dented cans. While this doesn’t seem like a great deal, you can actually get these items for free with manufacture coupons! Check out this post to learn more about how to get dented cans for free at Walmart.

Most Walmarts will have a specific section for dented cans and discount them. Ask a store worker to help you find the dented can section. Or, if you find a dented can on the shelf, you can ask for a discount.

Use Instagram to Find Secret Clearance

Looking for secret clearance items throughout the store may seem like a needle in a haystack, but other people may have already found what you need. Check out Walmart clearance sections on Instagram. You can even search for these Walmart Clearance Hacks on Tik Tok too!

To do this, go to the search bar and type in “Walmart clearance.” This should bring up recent posts, or search for the following hashtags:

  • #walmartclearance
  • #walmartclearancefinds
  • #walmarthiddenclearance
  • #walmartfinds
  • #walmartdeals

Keep in mind that Walmart’s clearance items vary from store to store. However, these tips should help you find some great deals the next time you’re at Walmart!

What are your favorite Walmart clearance hacks? Let us know in the comments below!

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