Gas Prices are Atrocious! Save On Gas With Upside

Save On Gas With Upside

Upside is a new way to save on gas. Rather than paying the prices stations charge, you use their app to receive discounts at participating stations.

What is Upside?

Upside is a new way to save on gas. Rather than paying the prices stations charge, you pay a nominal membership fee and then receive discounts at participating stations. No more hunting for the best price – with Upside, it’s always taken care of. Plus, there are no loyalty cards or points to keep track of – just use your mobile app to find the cheapest gas in your area.

Why should I join?

Upside is the easiest way to save on gas. No more hunting for coupons or trying to remember which loyalty card gives you the best discount – with Upside, it’s all taken care of. Plus, there are no limits on how much you can save. Here’s what you get:

  • Users can earn up to 25¢/gallon cash back on gas.
  • Upside users earn up to 45% cash back at restaurants and up to 30% cash back at grocery stores.
  • Users can earn a 15¢/gal bonus when they refer friends and give friends and family a 15¢/gal bonus.
  • Referrers also earn 1¢/gal every time their referee gets gas using upside.

Is There a Membership Fee?

No, there is no membership fee.

Do I Have to Upload Receipts?

Nope! With this app, there’s no need to upload receipts. Use the New “Check-In” and skip the receipt. Just Check-In to redeem your offer at this station and any other locations that have a Blue Badge. No need to upload the receipt.

How Does Upside Verify your Purchase?

Upside uses the last 4 digits of your cards from recent purchases to verify your purchase. Tap the “Check-In” button when the user is a business and select which card they’re using to get cash back.

How Do I Get Cash Back?

For every gallon of gas you purchase, you’ll earn cash back that will be deposited directly into your PayPal account or as an Amazon Gift Card. The amount of cashback varies depending on the station and the day, but you can always see how much you’ll earn before you purchase.

What is the Minimum Amount I Can Save?

The minimum amount you can save is $0.01 per gallon.

What if the Price at the Pump is Lower than the Price I See in the App?

If the price at the pump is lower than the price you see in the app, you’ll still get the lower price. The app will always show you the most up-to-date prices so you can make the best decision for yourself.

How does it work?

Just download the app, here and sign up. Once you’re a member, every time you need to fill up, just open the app and find the station with the lowest price. Then, show your phone screen at the pump and start saving. It’s that easy!

Save Even More if You Sign Up Today!

Want to score an extra 25 cents off per gallon on top of the pump discount?!! First, download the app, and then use code: AFF25 to save 25¢/gal.

Use code: AFF25 for a sign-up bonus of 25¢/gal, which is stackable with your first offer for up to $0.45/gal in savings!

For example, if you see an offer in the app for $0.20/gal, the code will make the cashback amount $0.45/gal.

If you’re looking for an easy way to save on gas, Upside is the perfect solution. With prices updated in real-time, you’ll always know you’re getting the best price possible. Plus, there’s no need to upload receipts or keep track of loyalty cards – just use the app and start saving. So why not give it a try? Download the app today and start saving on gas!

Save On Gas With Upside

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